Format: CD
Artist: Popol Vuh
CatNo: 4050538392333
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Popol Vuh Aguirre Soundtrack Progressive Ambient CD
Remastered by former member Guido Hieronymus a 2019 edition of Popol Vuh’s haunting soundtrack album from 1975 (its first collaboration with Werner Herzog).
Includes a detailed booklet with photos and liner notes by Klaus Schulze, Werner Herzog, Manfred Gillig-Degrave, Michael Fuchs-Gamböck, Gerd Augustin
CD in digipak (featuring bonus track).


1. Aguirre I 
2. Morgengruss II 
3. Aguirre II 
4. Agnus Dei 
5. Vergegenwaertigung 
6. Aguirre III (Bonus Track)