Format: CD
Artist: Roger Eno And Brian Eno
CatNo: 4837771
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Roger Eno Brian Eno Mixing Colours CD
Released on the prestigious Deutsche Grammophon label, this poetic and atmospheric collection presents two celebrated Ambient musicians at the height of their artistry. 
“There's a huge commonality between what we're interested in.” - Roger Eno
“These pieces are very Impressionistic and very much to do with sonic quality, sonic colour.” - Brian Eno
Brian and Roger Eno have revolutionised many concepts of music production and performance, from pioneering treatments of pop music by Brian Eno to younger brother Roger Eno’s ambient synth/piano recordings reminiscent of Erik Satie. These qualities resonate on this 2020 release. Each brings his unerring sense of place and mood to the album. The timbre in each title deepens and opens up with each listening. 
The result is deep-dive listening and landscapes of sound bearing titles like abstract art: Obsidian, Deep Saffron, or Wintergreen. 


1 Spring Frost 4:07
2 Burnt Umber 4:15
3 Celeste 4:22
4 Wintergreen 4:10
5 Obsidian 5:06
6 Blonde 4:10
7 Dark Sienna 3:47
8 Verdigris 4:03
9 Snow 4:40
10 Rose Quartz 4:07
11 Quicksilver 5:12
12 Ultramarine 2:27
13 Iris 2:53
14 Cinnabar 3:20
15 Desert Sand 4:50
16 Deep Saffron 4:38
17 Cerulean Blue 4:05
18 Slow Movement: Sand 4:55