Format: Vinyl
Artist: Se Delan
CatNo: KSCOPE918
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Se Delan Drifter vinyl
Following on from the the band’s 2014 debut The Fall, Drifter takes the slow and dreamy nature of the music from their debut to a far darker place.
With shared influences including 'music, film and life', the duo of Crippled Black Phoenix multi-instrumentalist Justin Greaves and Swedish singer Belinda Koric have made an album of 'raw, natural and human' music. 
Conceptually, Drifter explores the idea of madness and how the line between sanity and insanity can at times appear frighteningly thin.  
180g black vinyl LP with MP3 download.
1. Going Home [4:57]
2. Ruined By Them [4:22]
3. Blue Bird [4:42]
4. All I Am [4:50]
5. In Obscura [4:39]
1. Blueprint [4:08]
2. Shadow Box(ers) [4:01]
3. Gently Bow Out [4:15]
4. She's Wild [4:38]
5. Fear No Ghosts [5:47]