Format: Vinyl
Artist: Sigur Rós
CatNo: 0190296132094
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Sigur Ros ( ) Double vinyl Jonsi Remaster
The epic ( ) is Sigur Rós’s celebrated third album, and for many the band's definitive statement.
2022 20th anniversary 180g double vinyl edition.
Remastered by Ted Jenson at Sterling Sound.
( ) was recorded at the band’s own studio Sundlaugin, in Mosfellsbær outside Reykjavik, in 2002, co-produced by the band with Ken Thomas, who also helmed their break through second album, Agætis Byrjun. 
Untitled 1 (Vaka)
Untitled 2 (Fyrsta)
Untitled 3 (Samskeyti)
Untitled 4 (Njósnavélin)
Untitled 5 (Álafoss)
Untitled 6 (E-Bow)
Untitled 7 (Daudalagid)
Untitled 8 (Popplagid)