Format: CD
Artist: Spocks Beard
CatNo: 19075847002
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Spocks Beard Noise Floor Progressive CD
Spock’s Beard’s 13th studio album Noise Floor sees the return of beloved drummer Nick D’Virgilio.
The Beard’s Ryo Okumoto says, “Noise Floor has all the elements people have come to expect from us, but pushed just a little onwards.” 
As always, Spock’s Beard’s music is about evolution rather than revolution.
Double CD in digipak. The second disc contains four outtakes from the album.
The first 300 copies come with an exclusive artwork postcard.
CD 1 - Noise Floor
1. To Breathe Another Day (5:38)
2. What Becomes of Me (6:11)
3. Somebody's Home (6:32)
4. Have We All Gone Crazy Yet (8:07)
5. So This Is Life (5:36)
6. One So Wise (6:58)
7. Box of Spiders (5:29)
8. Beginnings (7:25)
CD 2 - Cutting Room Floor EP
1. Days We'll Remember (4:15)
2. Bulletproof (4:41)
3. Vault (4:49)
4. Armageddon Nervous (3:32)