Format: cd
Artist: Bigelf
CatNo: 0506768
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Into The Maelstrom - Limited Edi Double CD Bigelf
Joined by Dream Theater's Mike Portnoy, on its fourth album Bigelf takes its cinematic Heavy Psychedelia to new heights. 
Blending the band's root Hard Rock and Prog influences with futuristic post-apocalyptic scenarios, Into The Maelstrom features some of Bigelf's most creative music and Portnoy's finest drumming. 
Bludgeoning Sabbath guitars and dexterous ELP keyboards meet Mad Max! 
Damon Fox says of the album, "It's about traveling through time into one's past and into the future, to experience and examine your pain and fears, in order to move forward in life. A lot of my baggage from the my travels provides the cathartic inspiration. Deep, personal feelings like the tragic death of my best friend and former Bigelf guitarist A.H.M. Butler-Jones. And my fears of mankind eventually destroying itself a la, Planet Of The Apes." 
Limited edition double cd in a digipak.
CD 1:
1. Incredible Time Machine (3:58)
2. Hypersleep (5:37)
3. Already Gone (3:28)
4. Alien Frequency (4:14)
5. The Professor & The Madman (5:59)
6. Mr. Harry McQuhae (6:13)
7. Vertigod (3:58)
8. Control Freak (2:51)
9. High (7:10)
10. Edge Of Oblivion (6:33)
11. Theater Of Dreams (4:01)
12. ITM (8:09)
  I. Destination Unknown
  II. Harbinger Of Death
  III. Memories
CD2 (Bonustracks):
1. Control Freak (freak mix) (3:11)
2. Control Freak (remix) (2:50)
3. Alien Frequency (remix) (4:14)
4. Hypersleep (demo) (2:45)
5. Mr. Harry McQuhae (demo) (3:23)
6. Alien Frequency (demo) (3:21)
7. Theater Of Dreams (demo) (2:49)
Damon Fox: Vocals, Keyboard, Guitar
Luis Maldonado: Vocals, Guitar
Duffy Snowhill: Bass
Mike Portnoy: Drums