Format: cd
Artist: Steve Hackett
CatNo: 0507072
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Steve Hackett Wolflight cd


The stunning 2015 studio album from Steve Hackett. Rock meets Orchestral meets World and more.
Savage, soothing, evocative, Wolflight is a tribute to the enduring power of one of the most unique guitarists Britain has ever produced.
Standard CD edition.
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1. Out Of The Body (2:29)
2. Wolflight (8:00)
3. Love Song To A Vampire (9:18)
4. The Wheel's Turning (7:24)
5. Corycian Fire (5:47)
6. Earthshine (3:20)
7. Loving Sea (3:22)
8. Black Thunder (7:32)
9. Dust And Dreams (5:33)
10. Heart Song (2:51)