Oranges And Lemons is the third in a series of expanded XTC album reissues, including 5.1 Surround mixes, new stereo mixes and High-Resolution stereo mixes by Steven Wilson, along with a wealth of extra audio and visual material. 
Steven Wilson produced the mixes with the input of founder band member Andy Partridge and the full approval of the band. 
This cd/blu-ray edition is presented in special packaging with an expanded booklet and sleeve-notes by Andy Partridge, Colin Moulding and Dave Gregory. 
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* CD features a 2015 stereo mix by Steven Wilson.
* Blu-ray (Region 0, NTSC) features: 
Presented in 24bit/96khz LPCM Audio: 
- Album mixed in 5.1 Surround. 
- Steven Wilson stereo mix and original album mix in High Resolution stereo. 
Blu-Ray exclusive material includes: 
* Two separate sets of demo and work tape sessions showing the evolution of the album and associated recordings; one set of pre-recording rehearsals, promos and ID links for radio stations and record companies; a collection of single mixes and XTC's version of Captain Beefhearts Ella Guru.
* Promo films for The Mayor of Simpleton (3 versions), King for a Day and a Road to Oranges & Lemons, a rarely seen home-made film by the band explaining the album (and themselves!) to Geffen Records USA.
Featuring Pat Mastelotto on drums, 1989's Oranges And Lemons is one of XTC's most vibrant and optimistic albums. A wonderful collection of songs that culminates in one of Andy Partridge's finest ever compositions, Chalkhills And Children.
Unfortunately the Sony engineers have been unable to resolve the firmware issue with this particular bluray disc. PS3, XBOX ONE and one or two other players from the same generation are affected. PS4 is not affected and plays the disc perfectly.



1. Garden of Earthly Delights
2. The Mayor of Simpleton
3. King for a Day
4. Here Comes President Kill Again
5. The Loving
6. Poor Skeleton Steps Out
7. One of the Millions
8. Scarecrow People
9. Merely a Man
10. Cynical Days
11. Across This Antheap
12. Hold Me My Daddy
13. Pink Thing
14. Miniature Sun
15. Chalkhills and Children 
Blu-Ray (Region 0, NTSC):
Presented in LPCM Audio
- Album mixed in 5.1 Surround
- New Stereo Album mix 
- Original Stereo Album  mix
+ Blu-Ray extra material including: 
new stereo album instrumental mixes, 
multiple demo sessions, rehearsals, mixes & promo films for the singles.