Format: CD
Artist: Alwanzatar
CatNo: ARP069CD
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Alwanzatar Kosmisk Skrekk CD Tusmorke
Alwanzatar is a one man - Krizla from Norwegian cult heroes Tusmørke - musical project delivering extraterrestrial world music, with flutes, incantations, synthesisers and electronics.
Featuring four lon pieces, Kosmisk Skrekk is a dark soundtrack evoking space travel aboard grey, dusty interplanetary crafts, with the sounds generated from a hundred years of synthesizers (iIncluding the theremin, Buchla Music Easel and Eurorack).
A bleak journey into madness and altered reality.
1. Rompirater 9:59
2. Marspass 11:53
3. Møteplass 11:01
4. Sovekapsel 10:16