Following his debut Feels Good To Me and its acclaimed successor One of a Kind, Bruford continued to evolve and experiment on Gradually Going Tornado, the last studio release by his astonishing group, Bruford. 
Exhibiting a left-field shift in direction, the album featured bassist Jeff Berlin on lead vocals for the first time and new guitarist 'The Unknown' John Clark (replacing the departed Allan Holdsworth).
2CD in jewel case. Includes An Introduction to Summerfold Records promotional disc
Shrinkwrapped, one copy has a couple of tears to the wrap.
1. Age Of Information 
2. Gothic 17 
3. Joe Frazier 
4. Q.E.D. 
5. The Sliding Floor 
6. Palewell Park
7. Plans For J.D. 
8. Land's End 
Bonus Track:
9. 5g