Format: Vinyl
Artist: Bruford
CatNo: BBWF004LP
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Bruford One_Of_A_Kind Vinyl Bill_Bruford
A definitive vinyl release of Bruford's 1979 Fusion delight, One Of A Kind, featuring a stellar line-up of Bill Bruford – drums, percussion Allan Holdsworth – electric guitar Dave Stewart – keyboards, and Jeff Berlin – bass
This 12" vinyl re-issue has been mastered from the original 1979 mix, taken from the original 1979 analogue tapes, and comes housed in a replica sleeve.
Comes with a signed postcard while stocks last.
Side 1
1 Hell’s Bells
2 One Of A Kind – Part One
3 One Of A Kind – Part Two
4 Travels With Myself – And Someone Else
5 Fainting In Coils
Side 2
1 Five G
2 The Abingdon Chasp
3 Forever Until Sunday
4 The Sahara Of Snow – Part One
5 The Sahara Of Snow – Part Two