Format: Vinyl
Artist: Aaron Neville
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Vinyl Aaron Neville Hercules - The Minit Sansu

Part of the New Orleans musical dynasty whose offshoots include The Meters and The Neville Brothers, vocalist Aaron Neville began his solo recording career in 1960.  Throughout the 60s and into the 70s, he built up a substantial catalogue of soul and funk, most of which was recorded under producer Allen Toussaint's guidance for Joe Banashak's Minit and Instant labels, or for Toussaint and Marshall Sehorn's Sansu Enterprises.


This 180 gram vinyl compilation draws from that period and comprises some of Neville's best-loved recordings including his first hit 'Over You' (US R&B No.21), 'Hercules' and a mid-70s re-recording of his 1967 No.1 'Tell It Like It Is', plus a selection made for Bell, and for Toussaint's album label Bandy.


1. Over You [02:18]
2. Get Out Of My Life [02:09]
3. Let`s Live [02:38]
4. I`m Waiting At The Station [02:29]
5. Humdinger [02:26]
6. Wrong Number (I`m Sorry, Goodbye) [02:47]
7. For Every Boy There`s A Girl [02:16]
8. All These Things [02:47]
1. (Between) The Ticks Of The Clock [03:12]
2. You Can Give But You Can`t Take [03:46]
3. Speak To Me [02:39]
4. She`s On My Mind [02:39]
5. Hercules [04:11]
6. Tell It Like It Is [03:04]