Funkadelic's politically provocative eleventh studio album from 1979
2014 reissue on heavyweight vinyl in a reproduction gatefold sleeve.
More militant in tone than its predecessor One Nation Under A Groove, which described a Funk utopia, Uncle Jam's stated mandate was to, 'Rescue dance music from the blah'. 
A reference to the 'Uncle Sam Wants You!' US Army recruitment poster, the sleeve depicts George Clinton (aka Dr Funkenstein) in a Huey Newton Black Panthers pose.  
The album contains a 15-minute plus version of the band's last significant hit (Not Just) Knee Deep. A veritable Funkathon, by Lord!


Side 1:
1. Freak Of The Week [5:32]
2. (Not Just) Knee Deep [15:22]
Side 2:
1. Uncle Jam [10:23]
2. Field Maneuvers [2:24]
3. Holly Wants To Go To California [4:24]
4. Foot Soldiers (Star Spangled Funky) [3:32]