A double heavyweight vinyl edition of the Elevators' incendiary debut album featuring re-mastered mono and stereo mixes plus the band's intended running order.
The album has been re-mastered from a safety master derived from the original tape source. 
Disc one is the mono edition and disc two is a remastered version of the original stereo mix. 
Previously only available as part of the 'Music Of The Spheres' boxset, this is the first vinyl reissue from tape sources of the stereo edition for over three decades. 
Disc two is the first ever vinyl pressing of the album in the band's intended running order. 
'The fearless trailblazers of Psychedelia and one of the most kick-ass rock bands ever. For two or so years they burned with a flame so fierce that 40 years on they still remain an inspiration. A recognised classic. If you haven't heard this record you need to.' - MOJO
Disc 1 - Mono:
Side 1
1. You're Gonna Miss Me
2. Roller Coaster 
3. Splash 1    
4. Reverberation
5. Don't Fall Down
Side 2
1. Fire Engine
2. Thru The Rhythm
3. You Don't Know ( How Young You Are)
4. Kingdom Of Heaven (Is Within You)
5. Monkey Island
6. Tried To Hide
Disc 2 - Stereo:
Side 1
1. You Don't Know (How Young You Are)
2. Through The Rhythm
3. Monkey Island
4. Roller Coaster 
5. Fire Engine
Side 2
6. Reverberation
7. Tried To Hide
8. You're Gonna Miss Me
9. Splash 1
10. Don't Fall Down
11. Kingdom Of Heaven  (Is Within You)