Format: Vinyl
Artist: Johnny Cash
CatNo: SUNLP1255
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Johnny Cash Now Heres Johnny Cash limited red vinyl

2018 remastered red vinyl version of the classic Sun Records album.

Limited edition.

The comprehensive remastering and repackaging upgrade of the Man In Black’s legendary Sun catalogue continues with the release of Johnny Cash’s fifth album for Sun Records, Now Here's Johnny Cash. Every track on this album had enjoyed single release between July 1955 and June 1961. Curated by Sun with Cash fans in mind, Now Here's... showcases Johnny's earthy style, melancholic mood and unique presentation that made him a steadfast tradition in American folk and country music. On songs such as "So Doggone Lonesome" can be heard his innate grace while under pressure, his vivid poetry is painted clearly on "Hey, Porter!", and the vengeful, hard-edged jewel "Cry! Cry! Cry!" features Cash at his best.

Complete with sleeve notes by noted Sun Records authority Adam Komorowski and president of Sun Entertainment Corporation John Singleton, this LP has been remastered from the original Sun master tapes by Nick Robbins at Soundmastering Studios and cut to lacquers at half-speed for unrivalled sound quality by Barry Grint at Alchemy Mastering in London.

The Johnny Cash reissue series has been personally overseen by Singleton in Nashville and Charly Records founder Jean-Luc Young, continuing the long relationship between the companies begun by Shelby Singleton and Young over 40 years ago. 

“We applaud and congratulate Charly Records for ensuring Johnny Cash’s legendary Sun catalogue continues to be available on the quality formats his music deserves, especially on newly remastered vinyl for the seven LPs that were originally released by Sun Records in the late fifties and early sixties.” John Singleton (Sun Entertainment Corporation)

“Charly Records have outdone themselves with this current Cash refresh. From first reveal of the meticulously reproduced physical product to that needle-on-wax moment, it’s clear that the team behind the magic here know their onions. It’s a series that’s destined to enthrall any recent arrivals to Cash’s oaky tones and add extra sonic dimensions for the diehards, while giving audiophiles a timely fix.” Long Live Vinyl

1. Sugartime [1:48]
2. Down The Street To 301 [2:02]
3. Life Goes On [1:57]
4. Port Of Lonely Hearts [2:38]
5. Cry! Cry! Cry! [2:23]
6. My Treasure [1:13]
1. Oh, Lonesome Me [2:27]
2. So Doggone Lonesome [2:34]
3. You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven [2:37]
4. The Story Of A Broken Heart [2:08]
5. Hey, Porter! [2:11]
6. Home Of The Blues [2:37]