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Ball & Chain
Artist: Big Brother And The Holding Company
Format: CD

Big Brother & The Holding Company were amongst the leading lights of San Francisco's Psychede..
Settin' The Woods On Fire
Artist: Hank Williams
Format: CD

Hank Williams the father of contemporary country music became a superstar by 25 and died in the b..
This Machine Kills Fascists
Artist: Woody Guthrie
Format: Boxset

Woody Guthrie was the most important folk/protest singer of his generation, whose significance to..
For contractual reasons this release is not available for sale in North America   In..
King Of The Georgia Blues
Artist: Blind Willie McTell
Format: Boxset

Blind Willie McTell was immortalised in a song bearing his own name by no less a writer than Bob ..
Texas Blues
Artist: Blind Lemon Jefferson
Format: CD

Blind Lemon Jefferson was the first bluesman to gain real commercial success and in a recording c..
The Definitive
Artist: Leadbelly
Format: Boxset

One of the best-known and most respected bluesmen of all time, Leadbelly influenced scores of oth..
An Explosion From Houston Texas
Artist: International Artists
Format: CD

International Artists 1966-1969   This 10 track CD collects highlights from across t..
Everybody's Here
Artist: Lost and Found
Format: CD

One of the most influential independent record companies of its day, International Artists has ga..
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