Format: CD
Artist: d’Voxx
CatNo: DIN75
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dVoxx George Orwell 1984 CD
A stunning sonic interpretation of George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four recorded with the blessing and permission of the estate of the late Sonia Brownell Orwell.
Over the course of eight tightly focused tracks, voices quote from the novel as modular systems churn and chatter around their syllables. Throbbing sequence lines and incessant percussion grooves evoke an unease and paranoia which is gradually ramped up throughout the course of the album. Heartrending strings and melodic themes twist and turn to superimpose an emotional layer over the brutality of the underlying message.
Another milestone in the burgeoning catalogue of the DiN imprint, this unique album from d'Voxx could well be the greatest musical interpretation of Nineteen Eighty-Four to date.
01 Airstrip One 04:53
02 Doublethink [A study in Newspeak] 04:02
03 Julia 06:12
04 The place where there is no darkness 05:40
05 Ministry of Love [Miniluv] 06:36
06 Telescreens 04:24
07 Ministry of Truth [Minitrue] 05:10
08 The re-education of Winston 04:08