Format: Book/Magazine
Artist: Chris Welch
CatNo: ISBN9781910978962
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Chris Welch Keith Emerson Signature Edition Book Limited
A celebration and examination of the life and work of Keith Emerson, illustrated with over 200 previously unpublished family photos, classic performance images and private correspondence. 
The text includes all new contributions by the Emerson family, close friends, and fellow performers including Carl PalmerRick WakemanGeoff DownesAlan WhiteSteve HoweLee JacksonJeff ‘Skunk’ BaxterMarc Bonilla and many more.
All interviews for the book were conducted by Chris Welch, who knew Keith for the whole of his professional life and was present on the day of the formation of The Nice, in 1967.
This limited edition of the book is signed by Chris Welch and Aaron Emerson. Presented in a clamshell box, it includes an archival quality art print portrait of Keith, a CD of an unheard interview, and specially created sheet music of Keith’s first ever original composition Quatermass Boogie Woogie (a hand-written score by the then 12-year-old from 1956).