Format: CD
Artist: Section 25
CatNo: FBN45CD
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Section 25 Love and Hate CD
Factory Benelux presents a newly remastered edition of Love & Hate, the fourth studio album by Section 25, originally issued by Factory Records in 1988.
Recorded in 1986 by Larry and Jenny Cassidy after the original group had splintered, the self-produced album explores both electronic and acoustic terrain.
The seven bonus tracks include both remixes of Bad News Week by Bernard Sumner of New Order, released as a Factory maxi single.
Factory Benelux single Crazy Wisdom also features (produced by Sumner with Donald Johnson of A Certain Ratio), along with several previously unreleased demo tracks and remixes.
1. Sweet Forgiveness
2. Conquer Me
3. Sprinkling Petals Into Hell
4. The Last Man in Europe
5. Bad News Week
6. Tim Lick My Knees
7. Shit Creek No Paddle
8. Warhead
9. Carcrash
10. Crazy Wisdom
11. The Guitar Waltz
12. Bad News Week (12" Mix)
13. Bad News Week (Cough Mix)
14. Warhead (Retro Mix)
15. Crazy Wisdom (demo)
16. Boogie Beat (Retro Mix)