Described by Steven Wilson as a sequel to 'Ghosts on Magnetic Tape', 'Cenotaph' is, in fact, far more than that. Just like its renowned predecessor, still regarded by him as an all-time favourite in his oeuvre, the new album turns spatial relations upside down, with otherworldly fields of microscopic crackle hovering in the foreground, as cavernous drones ominously flow underneath like steaming streams of molten metal, and, for the first time in Bass Communion history, these mysterious cycles are propelled by a slow, brooding rhythmical pulse. 
As SW puts it himself, "The sound is amorphous, spectral, 'old', like clouds of rust and decay. It's ghosts hovering above the tower. Music that broods and transforms the room you play it in into a place where time stands still..."
1. Citadel (q) (19.09)
2. Carrion (u) (21.19)
3. Cenotaph (r) (19.01)
4. Conflux (n) (17.49)