A double cd set collecting highlights from throughout The Pretty Things legendary career, offering an ideal introduction to the band's music. 

Compiled by the band's manager Mark St John, who has also written sleeve notes detailing the history of the band, Introducing showcases some of the band's most exciting and innovative work from the mid-1960s through to the early 1970s.


Disc 1:
1. Rosalyn
2. Judgement Day
3. Roadrunner
4. Honey, I Need (live)
5. Don't Bring Me Down 
6. You Don't Believe Me 
7. Get The Picture? 
8. Come See Me 
9. L.S.D. 
10. Death Of A Socialite 
11. The Sun 
12. Photographer 
13. Defecting Grey 
14. Talkin' About The Good Times 
15. Walking Through My Dreams 
Disc 2:
1. SF Sorrow Is Born 
2. Bracelets of Fingers 
3. Trust 
4. Balloon Burning (A Phase In The Life Of SF Sorrow)
5. Scene One 
6. Sickle Clowns 
7. Grass
8. Onion Soup (live)
9. Dream / Joey
10. Drowned Man
11. Office Love
12. Falling Again
13. Passion of Love
14. All Light Up
15. The Beat Goes On
16. (Blues For) Robert Johnson
17. Helter Skelter