Format: CD-R
Artist: UXB
CatNo: bshed1301
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8 years after White House, Black Ash, UXB returns with a collection of late-night electro-ruminations.
Taking inspiration from Cold War-era paranoia, Everything Is Under Control combines Trip Hop, Indie and Ambient influences; fusing electronics with live instruments.
Tim Bowness, Peter Chilvers, Mike Bearpark and Simon Faraday-Drake guest, and CD artwork comes courtesy of Carl Glover, this is a CDR in a digipak.


1. when the wind blows (5.37)
2. slow (4.29)
3. still the same (10.08)
4. shortwave (1.49)
5. bikini atoll (4.37)
6. bamboo (5.34)
7. america is ready (6.14)
8. harry palmer (7.01)
9. aloha meltdown (6.13)

written and recorded by pete morgan except 'still the same' (bowness/morgan/chilvers) all instruments by pete morgan except: still the same - keyboard arpeggio by peter chilvers, vocals and guitar by tim bowness bamboo - guitar by mike bearpark aloha meltdown - guitars by simon faraday-drake mastered by stephen bennett