Format: Vinyl
Artist: Mikado
CatNo: TWI105
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Mikado Forever Double vinyl
Forever is a double disc anthology by Mikado, the French synth pop duo featuring Pascale Borel and Gregori Czerkinsky.
As well as cult debut single Par Hasard, issued by Crépuscule in 1982, the remastered collection includes subsequent singles Un Naufrage en Hiver, Carnaval and La Fille du Soleil, as well as debut album Mikado from 1985, executive produced by Haruomi Hosono of Yellow Magic Orchestra.
Bonus tracks include b-sides, jingles and several demo songs for an unfinished second album. There is also an English-language version of Par Hasard (Romance), Christmas album track Noel Sous le Soleil, plus a previously unreleased cover version of Night of the Hunter.
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1. Par Hasard
2. Au Jeu du Mikado
3. Ce Garcon-la
4. Les Enfants Pirée
5. Un Naufrage en Hiver
1. Attend ou vas-t'en
2. Anita
3. L'Exotisme
4. Quand Viendras-tu?
5. Si tu m'aimes
1. Night of the Hunter
2. D'accord, D'accord
3. L'ile Sauvage
4. L'Amour est un Peu Fragile
5. En Sourient
1. La Fille du Soleil
2. Carnaval
3. C'est le Vent
4. La Tour Eiffel
5. Romance