Format: CD
Artist: Steven Brown
CatNo: TWI110CD
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Steven Brown Tuxedomoon Music for Solo Piano CD
Originally released in 1984, Music for Solo Piano was the debut solo album by Tuxedomoon founder member Steven Brown.
Bewitching and melancholic, the all-instrumental set was recorded in 1982/83 and remains one of Steven’s best regarded works. The solo pieces for piano and clarinet range from avant-garde to classically-informed, while on several tracks Steven is joined by Tuxedomoon violinist Blaine L. Reininger. These include five selections from Tuxedomoon’s haunting ‘opera without words’ The Ghost Sonata, and three bonus tracks (Violencia, Melancolia, Final) from modern ballet Belly of the Whale, newly recorded in 2018.
Remastered in 2018, this new Crepuscule edition includes liner notes and restores the original 1984 sleeve design by Patrick Rocques.
1. Piano no. 1
2. Waltz
3. The Ball
4. Hold Me While I’m Naked
5. Close Little Sixes
6. Fanfare
7. Egypt
8. The Fall
9. Fantasie for Clarinet & Violin
10. R.W.F.
11. Rotterdam Lullabye
12. The Ghost Sonata (Take 1)
13. The Ghost Sonata (Take 2)
14. Music No. 2
15. Basso Pomade
16. Licorice Stick Ostinato
17. Music No. 2 (Reprise)
18. Violencia  
19. Melancolia
20. Final