Format: vinyl
Artist: Pendragon
CatNo: SMALP1008
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The World Pendragon vinyl


The Madfish label double vinyl edition of 1991's The World, notable for the three part 22 minute opus, Queen Of Hearts.
Packaged in a gatefold sleeve, the album has been pressed on 180g heavyweight black vinyl.


1. Back In The Spotlight [7:43]
2. The Voyager [12:15]
1. Shane [4:29]
2. Prayer [5:22]
1. Queen Of Hearts (I) Queen Of Hearts [8:18]
2. (II) ...A Man Could Die Out Here... [8:08]
3. (III) The Last Waltz [5:25]
1. And We'll Go Hunting Deer [7:18] 
2. Sister Bluebird [7:48] - Bonus Track