Format: cd
Artist: Ozric Tentacles
CatNo: SMACDX1107 deleted
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Ozric Tentacles Pyramidion Ambient cd
A 2018 Madfish label mid-price digipak reissue of Ozric Tentacles’ 2001 42 minute long EP, Pyramidion.
Originally planned as a single, the Psychedelic Techno track Pyramidion was recorded as a sister release to the studio album The Hidden Step, and was such a success that it remained in the band's live set. The song was released as an EP alongside four live tracks recorded impromptu with high quality equipment at Sheffield's The Boardwalk.
CD in digipak with 4 page booklet.
“Much more than just a homage to those hippy bands of the 70's; they are actually doing FOR REAL what those bands gave the impression of being but never really were." NME
1. Pyramidion [06:21]
2. Xingu (live) [07:41]
3. Pixel Dream (live) [12:12]
4. Sultana Detri (live) [09:18]
5. Aramanu (live) [05:49]