Format: CD
Artist: Steve Hillage
CatNo: SMACD1273
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Steve_Hillage Paris_Bataclan 2CD Madfish Gong
Paris Bataclan 11.12.79 is a recently recovered recording of the Steve Hillage Band from 11th December 1979 at the famous Bataclan, Paris.
The album documents a sparkling and joyous performance from one of the 20th Century’s guitar greats and his band: Miquette Giraudy - synthesiser, vocals; Andy Anderson - drums; Paul Francis - bass, vocals; Dave Stewart - guitar.
Starting with the only version in Steve’s archive of a live performance of Earthrise, the lovingly remastered tapes include never-before-heard versions of 19 classic SH tracks.
“The level of musical performance is pretty astonishing, and my lead guitar performance is definitely at a peak - totally scorching in places.”  - Steve Hillage
2CDs in 6 panel digipak with 12 page booklet including liner notes from Steve and previously unseen photographs.
Please note the audio is taken from a FOH desk cassette.


1. Earthrise [05:09]
2. The Fire Inside [05:38]
3. 1988 Aktivator [02:17]
4. Crystal City [03:11]
5. Activation Meditation [01:14]
6. The Glorious Om Riff [05:45]
7. Day After Day [07:01]
8. Getting In Tune [03:53]
9. Palm Trees (Love Guitar) [04:50]
10. New Age Synthesis (Unzipping the Zype) [08:23]
11. Healing Feeling [03:22]
1. Open [07:23]
2. Saucer Surfing [05:58]
3. Searching For the Spark [07:50]
4. Definite Activity [05:30]
5. It's All Too Much [07:21]
6. Castle In the Clouds [01:14]
7. The Salmon Song [07:22]
8. Unidentified (Flying Being) [06:32]