Format: cd
Artist: W.A.S.P.
CatNo: SDPCD123
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cd WASP The Last Command Peaceville
The legend continues!
W.A.S.P.'s second album, from 1985, saw the band evolve their writing, without compromising the hard rocking, sexually charged edge of their music.
1. Wild child 
2. Ballcrusher 
3. Fistful of diamonds 
4. Jack Action 
5. Widowmaker 
6. Blind in Texas 
7. Cries in the night 
8. The last command 
9. Running wild in the streets 
10. Sex drive 
11. Mississipi queen 
12. Savage 
13. On your knees (live) 
14. Hellion (live) 
15. Sleeping in the fire (live) 
16. Animal (live) 
17. I wanna be somebody (live)