All The Blue Changes is the first career-overview compilation in no-man's history containing tracks from all the band's official albums up to 2003 (plus rare b-sides, unique mixes and album outtakes).
Since 1988, over the course of five massively varied albums and several singles/outtakes collections, No-Man has produced a unique body of challenging work that has developed from the band's proto Trip-Hop/Dream Pop origins into something beyond easy categorisation.
After initial ecstatic press plaudits, indie top 20 hits and high profile contracts with One Little Indian and Epic/Sony, the band continued to write and evolve throughout a sometimes difficult 1990s. Recording and re-defining themselves through an ever changing and creatively vital music, No-Man released material via Materiali Sonori, Third Stone and internet label Burning Shed, gradually building up a loyal worldwide cult following that luxuriated in the band's increasingly ambitious sound.
Drawing from a diverse mix of Chamber Jazz, New Classical, Singer-songwriter, Progressive, Dream Pop, Trip Hop and Contemporary Electronica sources for inspiration, No-Man are one of the most intriguing British bands of the last two decades, creating an emotive and ethereal fusion of panoramic soundscapes, cracked ballads and sonic surprises.
Through the years, the band, consisting of Tim Bowness and Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree), has worked with electro-pioneers Scanner, Muzlimgauze, The Shamen and Faultline, Jazz luminaries Ian Carr and Theo Travis, as well as collaborating with the legendary likes of King Crimson personnel, Robert Fripp and Mel Collins, and ex-Japan members, Jansen, Barbieri and Karn.
Disc 1. Running Time 1:01:50:
1. Pink Moon 
2. Colours 
3. Days in the Trees 
4. Reich 
5. Walker (album outtake from 1991)
6. Back to the Burning Shed
7. Road 
8. Housekeeping 
9. Heaven Taste (new edit)
10. Watching Over Me
11. Simple 
12. Things Change 
Disc 2. Running Time: 1:03:39:
1. Pretty Genius 
2. My Revenge On Seattle (single edit/mix)
3. Dry Cleaning Ray
4. Sicknote 
5. Carolina Skeletons
6. Something Falls 
7. Only Rain 
8. Returning Jesus 
9. Chelsea Cap 
10. Photographs in Black and White
11. The Break Up For Real (drum mix) 
12. (bluecoda)