With tracks covering two decades of releases, Introducing Katatonia provides an intriguing glimpse into the grand progression of one of Europe's leading Rock bands.

The double cd set moves from Katatonia's Doom Metal origins to the band's recent melodic/atmospheric Rock via their mid-period blend of Rock/Metal with deep emotional themes. 
Compiled by the band and featuring sleeve notes, this is an ideal way to sample the best of 20 years' work at a budget price.


Disc 1:
1. Dead Letters
2. Nephilim
3. Idle Blood
4. Forsaker
5. July
6. Soil's Song
7. Evidence
8. Walking By A Wire
9. Criminals
Disc 2:
1. Clean Today
2. Teargas
3. Dispossession
4. Right Into The Bliss
5. In Death, A Song
6. Cold Ways
7. I Break
8. Murder
9. Without God