Format: DVD
Artist: Pendragon
CatNo: MMPDVD0219
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Pendragon Masquerade_20 DVD
A celebration of the 20th anniversary of one of the most successful albums of Pendragon's career sees the band return to the Wyspianski Theatre in Poland to record a special show, consisting of all the classics from The Masquerade Overture as well as a number of fan-favourites from their other releases.
Bonus Video:
Interview with Peter Gee and Jan-Vincent Velasco
In Bardo in Sri Lanka
Photo Gallery
Desktop Images
Total Running Time: 170min 
Format DVD9 NTSC Aspect Ratio 16:9
Audio Format DD 2.0 DD 5.1
Region Code 0
1 The Masquerade Overture
2 As Good As Gold
3 Paintbox
4 The Pursuit Of Excellence
5 Guardian Of My Soul
6 The Shadow
7 Masters Of Illusion
8 King Of The Castle
9 Schizo
10 Beautiful Soul
11 Faces Of Light
12 Nostradamus
13 Explorers Of The Infinite
14 Come Home Jack
15 This Green And Pleasant Land
16 Breaking The Spell
17 Indigo