Format: CD
Artist: Pendragon
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Pendragon Men_Who_Climb_Mountains_2019 2CD
2019 double CD edition of the powerful tenth studio album from Pendragon, originally released in 2014.
This version was remixed and remastered by Karl Groom to celebrate the band's 40th year anniversary and was first released in the Pendragon - The First 40 Years package. Also included is the Live at Twig's CD which was part of the original special edition release.
The drums on this release were re-recorded by Jan-Vincent Velazco in replacing original drummer Craig Blundell.
2CD in slimline double jewel case with 20-page booklet.
Men Who Climb Mountains
1 Belle Âme
2 Beautiful Soul
3 Come Home Jack
4 In Bardo
5 Faces Of Light
6 Faces Of Darkness
7 For When The Zombies Come
8 Explorers Of The Infinite
9 Netherworld
Nick Barrett – Live At Twig’s (Acoustic House Gig November 2013) 
1 The Voyager
2 A Man Of Nomadic Traits
3 This Green And Pleasant Land
4 Nostradamus
5 Paintbox
6 King Of The Castle
7 Indigo
8 The Freakshow
9 Masters Of Illusion
10 Space Cadet
11 The Edge Of The World
12 It’s Only Me