Format: CD
Artist: Peter Hammill
CatNo: EANTCD21102
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Peter_Hammill In_a_Foreign_Town Out_of_Water_2023 2cd

A 2CD set containing 2023 Peter Hammill reworkings of two of his landmark recordings (originally released in 1988 and 1990 respectively).

In a Foreign Town contained material with a political edge and saw Hammill explore the use of MIDI technology in the studio, while Out Of Water presented a more band orientated approach and demonstrated Peter inventively mastering the studio technology of the day.

The uncertainty surrounding the rights of both these original albums prompted PH to revisit both albums and re-record them.

The finished results demonstrate both the strength of the original compositions and the creative vitality of latter-day Peter Hammill.

In a Foreign Town (2023)
1 Hemlock
2 Invisible Ink
3 Sci-Finance (Revisited)
4 This Book
5 Time to Burn
6 Auto
7 Vote Brand X
8 Sun City Nightlife
9 The Play’s the Thing
10 Under Cover Names
11 Smile
12 Time to Burn (instrumental)
Out of Water (2023)
1 Evidently Goldfish
2 Not the Man
3 No Moon in the Water
4 Our Oyster
5 Something About Ysabel’s Dance
6 Green Fingers
7 On the Surface
8 A Way Out