In Amazonia features Isildurs Bane in collaboration with Peter Hammill.
A bold and brilliant statement that marries Isildurs Bane's imaginative risk-taking music with the incisive voice and lyrics of an uncompromising legend.
CD in digipak with 8-page booklet.
Mats Johansson, Isildurs Bane's main composer, is thrilled by the way the album has developed and grown with Peter's involvement. "Apart from fantastic lyrics and vocal melodies, he has influenced part of my composing process in a very positive way. I noticed that I could skip about with rhythms, beats, keys and almost atonal parts. Nothing seemed to worry Peter. Not only that, but he delivered his parts quickly and in places I hadn't expected. That, in a sense, made him the captain of the ship every now and then. Needless to say, he surprised me on several occasions and always in a really good way!" 
For his part, Hammill burrowed his way in the material Mats had sent to him. "I dived into finding what top lines I could with enthusiasm, for there's lots of lovely angularity in this stuff. I was, though, working somewhat in the dark and when I sent off my first efforts didn't know what kind kind of reaction I'd get. Happily it was I then got on with honing the lyrics and, gradually, finding out what the piece was about. Along the way there have been various revisions, additions, subtractions and shufflings around and it's ended up being, I think, a fascinating collision of all sorts of musical styles. Good clean fun!" 
1. Before You Know It    7:46
2. Under The Current     4:46
3. Aguirre                         5:17
4. This is Where?            10:07
5. The Day is Done          9:05
6. This Bird has Flown    3:02