Phil Manzanera's 2008 all-instrumental solo album Firebird VII is something of a contemporary companion piece to his earlier highly regarded outings, Primitive Guitars and Quiet Sun.
Reuniting Manzanera with Quiet Sun / This Heat drummer Charles Hayward, and featuring a Bill MacCormick composition, Firebird VII is a powerful and lyrical album that includes some of the most joyously uncompromising and creative music of Manzanera's career.
All copies sold by Burning Shed are signed by Phil. We have no more signed postcards.


1. Fortunately I Had One With Me (W MacCormick) 4:47
2. Cartagena (Manzanera) 6:11
3. FIReEBIReD" (Mozdzer) 5:57
4. Mexican Hat (Manzanera/Hayward/Mozdzer/Stavi) 10:42
5. Firebird V11 (Manzanera) 5:58
6. A Few Minutes (Stavi) 7:12
7. After Magritte (Hayward) 7:18