Format: vinyl
Artist: Echolyn
CatNo: PLG003
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Echolyn Echolyn vinyl
Echolyn's self-titled 2012 release has been the most favourably reviewed album of the band's 21 year career.
An ambitious double LP, the album displays a new found maturity and features the band broadening its sound and working alongside a string quartet and a saxophonist.
Highlights include the complex 16 minute opus Island and the stately ballad Speaking In Lampblack.
This is a limited edition audiophile 180gm double vinyl version in a gatefold sleeve.
A1. Island (16:38)
A2. Headright (3:00)
B1. Locust To Bethlehem (5:11)
B2. Some Memorial (11:54)
C1. Past Gravity (7:11)
C2. When Sunday Spills (8:48)
D1. Speaking In Lampblack (10:45)
D2. The Cardinal And I (7:20)