Format: Vinyl
Artist: Tess Of The Circle
CatNo: PLG051S
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Tess of the Circle Amplify - Signed vinyl
Tess Of The Circle's  acclaimed 2016 debut released for the first time on heavyweight vinyl.
Very limited numbered and signed anniversary edition.
"Amplify is one of the best rock albums of the last decade" - Rock n Reel Magazine / R2 *****
"A startlingly heartfelt yet world-weary vocal. Tess Of The Circle are clearly poised to engender the affection of fans of sixties, seventies and nineties rock." - Fireworks 
"Early Led Zeppelin meets American grunge at the top of its game" - Guitarist Magazine ****

1. Love Is the Drug That You Crave  2:57
2. I'm Not Ashamed   2:39
3. You Take Me Out of My Head  3:11
4. Believe (Into Her Arms) 5:25
5. Mother Daughter Son 2:51
1. Digging At My Bones  2:59
2. Face the Changes  3:10
3. Drowning Without You 4:05
4. Summer Rain 3:49
5. The Waves Break Us Down 2:26
6. This Higher Ground 4:18