Format: Vinyl
Artist: The Syn
CatNo: PLG067
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The Syn Syndestructible Chris Squire Yes Vinyl
Syndestructible is a 2005 studio album, which saw Chris Squire join forces with Steve Nardelli plus Jeremy Stacey (King Crimson), Paul Stacey (Steven Wilson) and Gerard Johnson.
Strictly limited to 1000 copies worldwide - 180g vinyl in gatefold with download card (offering mp3 audio plus a previously unreleased video of The Syn Live at The Marquee - the only live performance from this incarnation of The Syn).
'Arguably the album could be regarded as a successor to Squire’s Fish Out Of Water.’ - Sid Smith
Side One 
1. Breaking Down Walls (0:51)
2. Some Time, Some Way (7:56)
3. Reach Outro (3:38)
4. The Promise (13:28)
Side Two
1. City Of Dreams (9:38)
2. Golden Age (8:07)
3. Cathedral Of Love (8:58)