Format: Vinyl
Artist: Red Kite
CatNo: RNR105LP
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Red Kite Vinyl
A head-rush tempest of swirling psychedelia, heavy rock crunch, prog virtuosity and jazz experimentation, Red Kite is the debut release by the Norwegian jazz-rock power quartet of the same name.
The electrifying supergroup features members of some of Norway’s best-known prog outfits, including Elephant9, Shining, Bushman’s Revenge and Grand General.
Four incredible musicians navigating complex prog-jazz structures with a risk-taking jazz spirit and a brain-rattling hard rock intensity.
180g black vinyl in gatefold cover.
1. Ptah, The El Daoud (11.43)
2. 13 Enemas For Good Luck (7.40)
1. Flew A Little Bullfinch Through The Window (4.58)
2. Focus On Insanity (10.21)
3. You Don’t Know, You Don’t Know (7.17)