Tranceportation Volume 2 is the next destination in Sonar’s ongoing musical journey as the Swiss-based band celebrates 10 years of cutting-edge music-making.
“Had MC Escher made music instead of drawing impossible and perplexing perspectives, it would sound like Sonar.” - Sid Smith
As with 2018’s Vortex, and last year’s Tranceportation Volume 1, the quartet of Stephan Thelen (tritone guitar), Bernard Wagner (tritone guitar), Christian Kuntner (tritone bass), Manuel Pasquinelli (drums, percussion) are joined by Grammy-nominated guitarist David Torn.
Torn doesn’t hide his delight at working with Sonar, regarding his highly idiosyncratic live-looping and freewheeling, acerbic soloing as a kind of glue that strengthens the passion and energy within Sonar’s music. “99.9% of what I do is completely live with the band. Most of what I do isn’t soloing. It’s bringing in textural events that can sometimes go on for minutes. . . and then the solo voice becomes like almost like the cherry on top.”
Transparent purple vinyl in single sleeve with printed inners.
1 Triskaidekaphilia (9:45)
2 Tranceportation (12:42)
3 Slowburn (10:02)
4 Cloud Chamber (9:40)
David Torn electric guitar, live looping
Stephan Thelen tritone guitar
Bernhard Wagner tritone guitar
Christian Kuntner tritone bass
Manuel Pasquinelli drums, percussion
Produced by Sonar with David Torn.
Recorded „live in the studio“ April 29 – May 3, 2019, at Mazzivesound Studio in Bellmund, Switzerland (
Engineer: Chris Diggelmann
Edited & Mixed by Stephan Thelen between May and July 2019.
Mastered by Serge Christen at Mazzivesound.
All compositions by Stephan Thelen with contributions by Bernhard Wagner, Christian Kuntner, Manuel Pasquinelli and David Torn.
All tracks arranged by Sonar. Sonar’s guitar parts arranged by Stephan Thelen and Bernhard Wagner.