Format: Vinyl
Artist: No-Man
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No-Man Love You To Bits Vinyl Tim Bowness Steven Wilson noman
Eleven years on from its last release, no-man (the duo of Tim Bowness and Steven Wilson) returns with a gloriously ambitious statement unlike anything in its back catalogue. 
180g black vinyl edition in non-gatefold sleeve with insert. 
‘A career peak 30 years after no-man’s debut.’ - MOJO
'An immersive, luxurious experience.’ Classic Pop
'Imagine Pink Floyd mixed with Tears For Fears, produced by Moroder, and you're in the right ballpark.' Classic Rock
Comprising two connected five-part pieces, the album combines shimmering Pop and pulsating Electronica elements in fresh and surprising ways (incorporating aspects of Fusion, Ambient and much more).
Lyrically chronicling the aftermath of a relationship from different perspectives, Love You To Bits features poignant melodies, big beats and breathtaking solos that collide with ethereal textures and bold experiments to create the most dynamic and diverse no-man release to date.
Adam Holzman, David Kollar, Ash Soan, Pete Morgan and the Dave Desmond Brass Quintet guest. 
Produced by no-man, the album was mixed by Bruno Ellingham and mastered by Matt Colton.
Love You To Bits (Bits 1-5) (17.03)
Love You To Pieces (Pieces 1-5) (18.54)