Format: Cassette
Artist: Porcupine Tree
CatNo: 19439956944
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Porcupine_Tree Closure-Continuation Cassette Steven_Wilson
Porcupine Tree - one of the UK’s most forward-thinking, genre-defying rock bands - returns with its first new music in twelve years. 
Over a decade in the making, CLOSURE/CONTINUATION is a grand statement wholly worthy of the revered PT name.
Cassette edition.
Porcupine Tree is Steven WilsonRichard Barbieri and Gavin Harrison
1 Harridan 8:08
2 Of The New Day 4:43
3 Rats Return 5:40
4 Dignity 8:22
1 Herd Culling 7:03
2 Walk The Plank 4:27
3 Chimera's Wreck 9:39