On the 40th anniversary of his celebrated debut recording, KIng Crimson's legendary former drummer Michael Giles returned with his first album of original material for nearly three decades.
Alongside Ad Chivers and Dan Pennie, Giles has created a powerfully percussive and innovative fusion of Free Rock and Jazz influences that marks genuinely fresh territory for this most expressive and unique of players.
"When we go beyond the known and enter the unknown,
we begin to know." Michael Giles
1. Space And Time
2. In The Key Of X
3. Piano Tuning For Beginners
4. The Bitch
5. Handle With Care
6. Perverse Gear
7. Cosmic Collusion
8. Nomadsland
9. High Level Meeting
10. Flirting With Flams 
11. Diminished Responsibility
12. In The Key Of Why
13. Spellbound