Format: CD
Artist: Stick Men
CatNo: 4260139120888
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Stick Men Absalom CD
Stick Men's 2011 mini-album 'Absalom' sees the peerless King Crimson rhythm section of Tony Levin and Pat Mastelotto creating a unique brand of power trio music with Touch Guitar virtuoso, Markus Reuter (Centrozoon etc).
1. Absalom (5:20)
2. Smudge (5:15)
3. Big Dog (4:44)
4. Crack In The Sky (6:06)
5. Time's Insane Ashes (3:50)
6. Pomegranate (5:44)
Tony Levin: Chapman Stick 
Pat Mastelotto: Drums 
Markus Reuter: Touch Guitars U8