Format: Vinyl
Artist: Tangerine Dream
CatNo: KSCOPE1096
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Tangerine Dream Chandra: The Phantom Ferry - Par Vinyl
Composed and performed entirely by Edgar Froese in 2009, the conceptual Chandra: The Phantom Ferry Part 1 consists of nine tracks, based on a brizarre science fiction manuscript found in 1977 in a military camp in Greenland.
Presented on vinyl for the first time ever, this 2021 double LP edition has been remastered by Harald Pairits, and repackaged using the original design in association with Bianca Froese-Acquaye.
1 Approaching Greenland At 7pm [7:48]
2 The Moondog Connection [3:58]
3 Screaming Of The Dreamless Sleeper [6:56]
1 The Unknown Is The Truth [7:31]
2 The Dance Without Dancers [5:40]
1 Child Lost In The Wilderness [7:06]
2 Sailor Of The Lost Arch [7:53]
1 Verses Of A Sisong [7:35]
2 Silence On A Crawler Lane [4:40]