Format: Vinyl picture disc
Artist: TesseracT
CatNo: KSCOPE990_del
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TesseracT Sonder Metal Progressive vinyl picture disc
The highly anticipated 2018 studio album from Progressive Metal’s most innovative force.
"TesseracT sound more inventive and unique than ever before.” - The Guardian
With fourth album Sonder, TesseracT adds significant firepower to its arsenal and blends the abrasive and progressive elements from its first two releases with the accessibility of Polaris. 
For the first time, TesseracT has utilised a choir on one of its recordings (produced and conducted by Randy Slaugh and recorded at Soularium Studios, Utah). Sonder also includes field recordings submitted by the band's worldwide online fan base, giving an insight into the complex and varied lives of others; a theme which is also referenced in the artwork and the wider concept of self-identity within a population full of complex and vivid lives. 
The album was recorded in the UK at 4D Sounds, Celestial Sounds and Project Studios, engineered by the band and mastered by Acle Kahney.
Special limited picture disc vinyl edition with artwork from TesseracT bassist Amos Williams and a 4-page booklet.
Please note: Picture discs are handmade & not audiophile pressings. This process of manufacture makes them, inevitably, more susceptible to crackles, pops & occasional warping. But they do look fab!
1. Luminary [03:12]
2. King [06:55]
3. Orbital [02:19]
4. Juno [05:12]
1. Beneath My Skin [05:33]
2. Mirror Image [05:46]
3. Smile [04:47]
4. The Arrow [02:36]