Format: Vinyl
Artist: The Durutti Column
CatNo: DEMREC746
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The Durutti Column Someone Elses Party Clear double vinyl
The first ever vinyl pressing of The Durutti Column’s 2003 studio album Someone Else’s Party.
Recorded after the passing of Vini Reilly’s mother, the melancholic album explores themes of loss and reflection.
Pressed on double 140g clear vinyl. With printed inner sleeves.
Side 1
1. Love Is A Friend
2. Spanish Lament
3. Somewhere
Side 2
1. Somebody’s Party
2. Requiem For My Mother
3. Remember
Side 3
1. Vigil
2. Blue
3. No More Hurt
4. Spasmic Fairy
Side 4
1. American View
2. Drinking Time
3. Woman
4. Goodbye