Format: vinyl
Artist: The Flower Kings
CatNo: 88985452371
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Flower Kings Progressive Unfold The Future triple vinyl
Fifteen years after its original release, InsideOutMusic teamed up with Roine Stolt to re-visit the band’s opulent Unfold The Future (2002), which has been hailed as one of The Flower Kings' definitive classics. 
Featuring Stolt alongside band members Hasse Fröberg, Tomas Bodin, Jonas Reingold, Zoltan Csörsz and Hasse Bruniusson, and guest Daniel Gildenlöw (who sings on three pieces), inspired by the idea of doing this album on vinyl for the first time, Stolt remixed several tracks.
Stolt explains: “For this re-release I have carefully remixed The Truth Will Set You Free, Devil’s Playground and Black & White - it wasn’t easy to find, or even remember, where all files resided. These remixes (more than one hour worth of music) are, as I see it, more detailed and better balanced - where I found this album to be painfully brutal, overly compressed and rough in the original 2002 mix.” 
The ultimate edition of a Flower Kings’ meisterwerk, Unfold The Future is presented as a triple 180g vinyl in gatefold with two CDs.
The Truth Will Set You Free - part 1 (2017 remix)
The Truth Will Set You Free - part 2 (2017 remix) 
Monkey Business
Black And White (2017 remix)
The Navigator 
Silent Inferno
Vox Humana
Grand Old World
Total C: 23:49
Genie In A Bottle
Fast Lane
Rollin’ The Dice
The Devil’s Danceschool
Man Overboard
Solitary Shell
Too Late For Tomatoes
Devil’s Playground (2017 remix)
Disc 1:
1. The Truth Will Set You Free (2017 remix) (30:55)
2. Monkey Business (4:20)
3. Black And White (2017 remix) (7:07)
4. Christianopel (8:15)
5. Silent Inferno (14:10)
6. The Navigator (3:37)
7. Vox Humana (4:28)
Disc 2:
1. Genie In A Bottle (8:12)
2. Fast Lane (6:32)
3. Grand Old World (5:00)
4. Soul Vortex (4:32)
5. Rollin’ The Dice (4:48)
6. The Devil’s Danceschool (5:04)
7. Man Overboard (3:46)
8. Solitary Shell (2:47)
9. Devil’s Playground (2017 remix) (19:22)
10. Too Late For Tomatoes (Extended version) (10:24) 
- Hasse Fröberg / lead & backing vocals
- Roine Stolt / guitar, keyboards, lead & backing vocals
- Tomas Bodin / keyboards, grand piano
- Jonas Reingold / bass, fretless bass
- Zoltan Csörsz / drums
- Hasse Bruniusson / orchestral percussion
- Daniel Gildenlöw / vocals (lead 9,12,16)
- Ulf Wallander / soprano saxophone
- Anders Bergcrantz / trumpet