The Van’s 2021 outing is a multi-dimensional musical journey featuring Vangelis’s characteristically unique synths (emulating bold brass riffs and expansive strings to convey the mystery of life beyond our own world) alongside real sounds from space and vocals from Angela Gheorghiu.

Double vinyl edition.

1.            Atlas’ push
2.            Inside our perspectives
3.            Out in Space
4.            Juno’s quiet determination
5.            Jupiter’s intuition
6.            Juno’s power
7.            Space’s mystery road
8.            In the magic of Cosmos
9.            Juno’s tender call
10.          Juno’s echoes
11.          Juno’s ethereal breeze
12.          Jupiter’s veil of clouds
13.          Hera / Juno Queen of the Gods
14.          Zeus Almighty
15.          Jupiter Rex
16.          Juno’s accomplishments
17.          Apo 22
18.          In Serenitatem