Format: CD
Artist: Various Artists
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Trace Recordings TEN Various Artists CD

The first, and only, compilation album on the Trace Recordings label, TEN sets out to showcase some very special artists, covering a wide range of musical genre's. From the delicate opening tones of Edison Woods to the Gothic Folk of Sarah June, the classical Cello of Martina Bertoni, the thoughtful songs of David Hurn and The Sleeping Years, two Mark Beazley collaborations, with Building Castles Out Of Matchsticks and in The Resistance, with Chris Roberts, the elegiac electronica of Stephen Spera, the crystaline voice and subtle electronics of Roshi ft. Pars Radio,  and the enveloping deep listening drones of BLK w/BEAR, TEN cannot be easily categorised, but is an incredibly rewarding listen. 

1. Edison Woods - The Gardener
2. Martina Bertoni - fps 03
3. Martina Bertoni - Zeebis
4. Sarah June - The Reaper
5. Sarah June - Judgement Day
6. BLK w/BEAR - Valve Languere 
7. BLK w/BEAR - Broken Ridge
8. Roshi ft. Pars Radio - Postcard
9. Roshi ft. Pars Radio - In The Potters Workshop
10. Stephen Spera - In The Fading Present
11. Stephen Spera - Gathering Branches
12. The Resistance - I Wish I'd Met You When There Were More Leaves On My Trees
13. The Resistance - I Am Full Of Red
14. Building Castles Out Of Matchsticks with Mark Beazley - I Have Something To Tell You
15. David Hurn - What Was Left Of You
16. David Hurn - An Ending Has Begun
17. The Sleeping Years - The King Grows Tired

'The Gardener', by Edison Woods, is mastered by Denis Blackham, all other tracks mastered by Mark Beazley. Cover photography by Stephen Spera, cover art layout by Vincent Oliver.